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Why should I sell my mineral rights?

The decision to sell your mineral rights isn’t always easy. People sell for a large variety of reasons. Some want to unlock immediate cash for a different investment. Others need to pay bills, while others want to reduce their tax burden or don’t want to be involved with oil & gas. We’re happy to help our clients regardless of the reason.

Other Reasons to Sell

Here are some more common reasons people decide to sell to Vista Minerals

Tax Advantages

Divesting enables sellers to take advantage of 1031 property exchanges. Helping sellers to save significant dollars on capital gains tax. Additionally, many mineral owners are tired of paying local county taxes and the hassle of filing taxes every year. 

Declining Production

Your minerals are a depleting resource. You have probably noticed that the amount of your revenue checks decreases over time. This is because there is a finite amount of resources in the ground that can be harvested. After the reservoir is depleted, you will cease receiving payments. Most owners prefer selling while the minerals produce reasonable quantities to achieve the most amount of value.

Heirs don’t want minerals

Our experience is that some heirs don’t want to inherit mineral rights. They can be burdensome with the large learning curve required to manage them effectively. Heirs would instead take the cash and put it to work elsewhere. Not to mention, frequently passing on minerals to heirs requires attorneys and other expensive professionals to get involved.

Other Investments

Sometimes folks want the money for a different kind of investment. These could be stocks, bonds, real estate, or even home remodeling. Selling mineral rights can unlock significant value in a minimal time, allowing sellers to execute fast on their ambitions.

Carbon Footprint

As climate change progresses, the need to reduce the impact of fossil fuels has become more relevant. As technology improves, the demand for fossil fuels diminishes. Some people have taken their proceeds from minerals and reinvested them into green energy, such as solar panels and wind farms. At the same time, the prices are still preferable for selling at the most value.

Diversifying your Investments
Diversification as an investment strategy enables you to increase your exposure to other industries through stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mineral rights are the legal rights to explore for, extract, and sell minerals found on a property. These rights can be owned separately from the surface rights to the land and can be bought, sold, or leased. Mineral rights can include rights to minerals such as oil, natural gas, coal, and other resources. In most cases, the mineral rights owner leases their rights to an extraction company and receives royalty payments for their share of production.

Surface rights give the owner the right to use the land surface for residential, agricultural, or commercial purposes. Surface rights are the most common type of land ownership but are separate from mineral rights.

Mineral rights give the owner the right to own and exploit any natural resources found beneath the land. Most typically, owners sign leases with extraction companies that will drill and recover the underground resources while providing the owner with royalties, usually 18% to 25% of revenue derived from the land.

Vista Minerals makes it easy and straightforward to sell your mineral rights. Please click here to learn more. 

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